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The Big Freeze 1947 by Mr David Davis

Wednesday February 1st 2017

Mr Davis is an experienced university lecturer and public speaker who has designed and delivered modern history courses for educational and voluntary bodies. He now offers highlights of these topics for presentation to clubs and societies as 60 minute talks. This year is the 70th Anniversary of the Big Freeze of 1947 and his talk will give us the opportunity to revisit the past through which we have lived. He tries to bring the subject alive with a light touch and substantial use of visual material to enhance impact and facilitate discussion. This is his second visit.

In and under the Vatican by Professor Joyce Hill

Wednesday March 1st 2017

Professor Hill gave us a very interesting talk last year on Medieval Leeds, and she returns to reveal the secrets of the Vatican. This is a brilliant presentation, not to be missed. A wonderful speaker, Professor Hill delivers her talks with enthusiasm and humour. She is Emeritus Professor of the University of Leeds where she specialised in the language and literature of Anglo-Saxon England. She remains active in research and contributes to research conferences worldwide, and is an adviser to the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Pompeii - Talking Water by Mr Ken Shaw

Wednesday April 5th 2017

Ken Shaw is a former Quantity Surveyor and a member of the 3D Archaeology Society. He extended his interest in archaeology following his retirement and has been involved since then in a number of excavations both in this country and abroad. He has been working recently with the University of Texas on the Oplontis Project at Pompeii and has a keen interest in all things Roman.

The Romans were brilliant engineers and applied their technology wherever they went, bringing great benefit to the people of the lands that they conquered. Ken’s talk takes a light hearted look at how water affected the lives of the people of ancient Pompeii over the centuries leading up to the date when the city became part of the Roman Empire and beyond. He will enlighten us with the ingenious ways that water was harnessed in the pre-Roman period and how things then took a huge leap forward under the Romans. The peoples’ lifestyle was changed irrevocably with new possibilities opening up as the Pompeiians adapted to the new Roman way of living. Their new lifestyle however was brought to an abrupt halt by a catastrophic event some 17 years prior to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Expect a few jokes on the way.