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No King, No Crown, No Car Park!

The Strange Case of Mr Cromwell's Head

Wednesday October 4th 2017

Russell Marwood has been an archaeologist and battlefield historian for over 35 years and lays claim to fame as being one of the archaeologists who dug up the Coppergate Saxon helmet.He works for the York Archaeological Trust, and is a Duty Manager at the Henry VII Experience in Micklegate Bar on York’s historic city walls.

He is currently the Commanding Officer of John Lilburne’s Regiment of Foote, a re-enactment group within the Sealed Knot.

The title of this lecture was inspired by all the furore of the discovery of Richard III under a car park in Leicester. It is a talk full of history, archaeology and a fair bit of humour thrown in too!

Oliver Cromwell has not yet been the subject of a TV programme or a major TV channel funded dig. He was another larger than life character who changed the way the United Kingdom was viewed by its own people, and the world as a whole. Oliver’s death in 1658 was to be the start of a journey for his mortal remains that many in his day would care little about, but as time passed, become an amazing story. So, will there be any TV producers in the audience?

Gruelling Experiences – Three Centuries of the Workhouse

Wednesday November 1 st 2017

Peter Higgenbotham became interested in workhouses while researching his family history when he discovered that his great great grandfather had died in a workhouse.

He has written many books and articles as well as contributing to radio and TV programmes such as Radio 4’s Tracing your Roots and BBC TV’s Heir Hunters and Who do you think you are?

Beneath the Stage: York Archaeological Trust Excavations at Theatre Royal

Wednesday December 6th 2017

Ben Reeves is a Project Officer at York Archaeological Trust. He has undertaken fieldwork on all manner of sites over the last 18 years and has worked all over the region, but the majority of his work has focussed on important urban sites in the City of York.

The Theatre Royal is one of the oldest and most prestigious theatres in England. Parts of the building date from the 12th Century and belonged to the hospital of St Leonard and St Peter. In the 16th century it was briefly the site of the Royal Mint at York and finally became the permanent home of the York theatre from 1744.

In 2015 the theatre embarked upon an ambitious refurbishment to improve the stage, auditorium and front of house facilities. Ben Reeves, the principal archaeologist for the development, directed the extensive excavation and monitored the restoration works on this historic building. Come along to hear about the preliminary findings from this exciting project in the heart of the City.

The Rise of Samurai

Wednesday February 7th 2018

Ken Adams, who lived in Japan for many years, will describe the rise of the Samurai who once ruled Japan and whose influence is still felt today.

He is an active member of the Historical Society’s Tuesday morning study group.

The Vikings in Yorkshire

Wednesday March 7th 2018

Professor Hill gave us a very interesting talk last year on revealing the secrets of the Vatican, and she returns to tell us about the Vikings in Yorkshire. Once again this is a brilliant presentation, not to be missed. A wonderful speaker, Professor Hill delivers her talks with enthusiasm and humour. She is Emeritus Professor of the University of Leeds where she specialised in the language and literature of Anglo-Saxon England. She remains active in research and contributes to research conferences worldwide, and is an adviser to the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Roman finds from the Newington Hotel, York.

Wednesday 4th Apr 2018

Anne Jenner has worked on archaeological ceramics since the early 1980's and has been involved in writing many reports, articles and books on the subject. She has worked for English Heritage, Tyne and Wear Museums, University of Durham and on the pottery from excavations at Jarrow and Monkwearmouth.

Since 2003 she has worked at York Archaeological Trust where she continues to broaden her knowledge of ceramics as their Ceramic Specialist. She gives talks, runs workshops and has founded Pursuing Potters of the Past which involves the community in the history, recognition and making of pottery.

The talk will outline the excavations at the former Newington Hotel site. The finds and pottery will be discussed in relation to the known burials in the SW area of York, and comparisons made with previous evidence from graves along the sides of the Roman Road from York to Tadcaster.